Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to Rose*City Photography @ let me preface this by saying:  "I've been using Internet for years".  So much so, that my husband keeps telling me to ditch my email because it's not "me" (well it really is my college alma mater & sorority mixed together - ok, so it's like a tad old, but it IS me).  I guess he doesn't realize the implications that would come with simply changing my email...which would entail remembering every single account that is hooked up to said email account.

Anyway, I have been reluctant, as much as I love computers and all this new technology, to start a blog.  But, my photography is beginning to take off and because my girls are now in school and I have time...I thought it was appropriate to 'get with the times', so to speak!!

So, to confirm, I am a photographer (but then again, who isn't?).  I don't like calling myself professional, because I believe pros to be people who have their stuff published in National Geographic or some other major magazine [I haven't].  But, I guess when someone purchases something that you've created, it changes the rules.  I really do consider myself mildly-obsessed-with-the-fact-that-I-love photography.  So be it!

Second, I want to verify that my photo site and my company are ROSE*CITY BLOG is ROSECITYPHOTO.  I know...lack of consistency, but ROSE CITY PHOTOGRAPHY @ blogspot dot com was already taken.  You can see my galleries at

I absolutely ADORE photography, I love computers, I'm now (mildly) obsessed with Facebook (who KNEW it could be so addicting?) and now I'm really loving this blog thing. So, here is my youngest kidlet modeling her Halloween costume.  I love picting my kids, they are my inspiration to say the least and I'm sure you will see lots of them herein.

I've got to run...this is really my test run anyway...more later!  Thanks again for stopping by!

Lynda  :)

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