Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faces of Rachel

OK, so I'm new to this whole blog thing and for the most part, I've been using photos that I have access to...which primarily are kid #2 and kid #3...because they actually don't mind mugging for the camera.  (I use mugging lightly, for in reality, they complain ALL the time when I'm taking pics of them and are non-compliant and, basically, difficult to work with.)

So, if you've bothered to read this blog, you know I'm NEW to both blogging and my other current addiction - Facebook.  Well, yesterday, kid #1 says to me, "WHY am *I* not on your blog...WHY is it kid #2 and kid #3 ALWAYS on your blog?".

Sheesh...maybe because kid #1, when you roll in from school and after complaining how hungry you are and eating me out of house and home, you hole up in your smelly room to:  #1 text friends, #2 talk on the cell, #3 text friends, #4 come out to find food, #5 check your Facebook page and write on my wall from the garage...basically, you don't have any time to give to ME...to take your pics and play with natural lighting.

Ha...well, today was a different day.  I got 13-year-old (um, yea 8th grade...remember when you were in 8th grade?  Yea, I do...never want to go back) to come and play in the decreasing sunlight!

Here's what I got!!  Isn't she lovely?  I love this kid.......she rocks big time....hard to believe she's going to high school next year..and I have only 4 more years and then she's gone...out of the house...(or living here, working and going to school)...sigh........

p.s.  Sorry for my MONTAGE...it's my latest conquered "learning curve" in PS7

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