Friday, October 24, 2008

Markle Family

Several years ago, Lawren played bass in my husband's band. Those were the carefree days! Now, Lawren and his beautiful wife Mary, are parents of twins. Talk about a curve ball!

I had the privilege of shooting their family on October 5 - a gorgeous Sunday morning, the day following the boys' 3-month birthday. I wanted to emphasize to them, the importance of capturing the aspects of parenthood - spilled milk, blurp, I mean seriously, is there a perfect baby anywhere? LOL. As it turned out, aspects of parenthood is what we got...One boy slept, while the other was awake. One cried, while the other smiled. But in the end, we got some gorgeous photos!

BTW, Lawren is about 6'7"...I absolutely adore the one below, of him holding Baby "K"...the strength of the arm with the fragility of that tiny baby body...ohhh wowza.

And Mary, by far, one of my personal all-time favorites. She is just so lovely, and the tone is so....maternal.  And I must admit, the last one with their lovable doggie, Yeates, truly is a winner as well!

Thank you family for allowing me to capture these beautiful images! See you soon.

Lynda : )

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