Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Day with the Ellison Family

So, kid #2 happens to have a FABULOUS 3rd grade teacher.  Matter-of-fact, Kid #1, had this same teacher (in 5th grade) for science...but at that time I was working full-time and didn't really have the opportunity to get to "know" the girls'
teachers as people...merely as teachers.

But this year, not only do I have the chance to work in Kid #2's class every Friday, I work on campus, so I get to see the lovely Mrs. Ellison everyday!

Somehow between making copies and grading tests, it came up that I shoot....and Mrs. Ellison asked me to spend some time documenting her family [Mom, Dad, Ms "E" who is 3, and Mr "A", who is 5 months].  All I can say, is that while every shoot is completely different and wonderful, THIS, was just a fabulous, fun day.  I hope you enjoy seeing how much fun they had, (I *think* almost as much as me!)......

Dad, Ms. "E" & Mom

Ms. "E" & Mr. "A"

Ms "E" and those scrumptious eyes...a photographer's dream!

And again...

Ellison Fam...

Mr "A"....ah...can't you just SMELL him???

Thank you so much, Jill & Mike, for allowing me to share your day with you!!!!


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